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I made my appointment with DSHS today. I was a little worried at first, considering that mom didn't get home from taking grandma to the doctors until almost 3. The appointment went well. I can't get health insurance yet, there's still some information that they need..but I did get food money until the end of September. There's no balance there yet, so I may have to put off grocery shopping until tomorrow. I hate having to ask the state for help - but better to swallow my pride and feed the kids than to wonder where I'm going to get money for bread and milk.
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Summary - Daily reading for 8-29

Today was definately all about others. The kids took up most of my attention, getting into things, crawling over me, etc. I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, because of attending to the children. R called to vent some frustrations, and then later to give me good news. Another friend called to tell me he was on his way to the hospital. Everything turned out 'alright' for that. My challenge today was keeping up motivation to do things. I didn't do that well, I don't think...I had so much planned and got only a little of it done. I could blame the kids, which were a big part of why, but it was also a lack of motivation to achieve my goals. I'm still trying not to be that hard on myself, mostly because I did spend a good part of my time with the kids. I'm a bit disgruntled with the house, but I know it can wait until I can catch up with it.

Daily Reading

Daily Spread
Morgan's Tarot

1. Tomato, Potato, Eggplant
2. From here on in its nothing but a downhill run
3. Forget it
4. Who is watching the cosmic drama?
5. Robot

It looks like I'll be moving through the day on autopilot, doing things without thought. Things should run pretty smoothly at home though, even if my mind will be on the appointment with DSHS. I'll be going in for food stamps. There's something I'm forgetting, and it may bite me in the rear or cause a delay in achieving my goal. With everything happening, I may end up feeling a little unnoticed.
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Daily Reading

Daily Spread by Kathie Vyvyan
The Morgan's Tarot

1. There is no you
2. The valley
3. Its a dog eat dog world
4. What are you feeling now?
5. You are experiencing an illegitimate feeling
Clarifier card for #5 - The Virgin Sun Queen

Its all about others tomorrow. It will be a day of routine, with a challenge cropping up somewhere. This challenge may leave me feeling unsure or confused on what I'm actually feeling. Don't blow things out of proportion (ego) or I'll end up feeling something based on how things appear rather than the facts.

New Spread - Daily Spread

Daily Spread by Kathie Vyvyan

1 5 2

1. Works - Pertains to things you accomplish in a day (job or personal)
2. Home - Reflects people and activities connected with your home and home life
3. Unexpected - Indicates surprizes and unexpected events
4. Your role - Represents your mood, actions or reactions to events and people that fill your day
5. Outcome - Shows the outcome of the day; often predicts a lesson learned or a spiritual revelation

Hopscotch layout

Cards are laid out like a hopscotch board.

1. Beginning of your journey (You)
2. Balance/Conflict
3. Creativity/Joy
4. Body/Responsibility/Work
5. Feelings/Emotions
6. Heart relationships
7. Intuition
8. Fear/Empowerment
9. Hopes/Goals
10. Attainment/Rebirth

Star layout - Healing with Fairies

1. Happily ever after
2. Problem resolved
3. Environmental awareness
4. New opportunity
5. Family harmony
Overall: Look inside yourself

I asked about my job. Basically, in the past, I've been happy with it, but that's been steadily changing. Pretty soon, I'll be resolving that issue (seriously considering looking for another job). I have trouble with the environment around me, most likely with people. I do understand new opportunity when it bites me in the nose however, and here's hoping one comes up soon for the better. My ultimate goal seems to be family harmony, which, doesn't make sense to me in regards to the job. I know that I've been thinking about family alot though. Overall card is telling me to look inside myself for the answer, which I have been doing.

Reading for Bryan - Healing with Fairies - element variation on cross layout

1. Positive expectations
2. Beauty
3. Higher consciousness
4. Inner child
5. Honoring your true feelings
6. Letting go
7. Family harmony
8. Follow your dreams
9. Dreams coming true
10. Romantic partner
11. Vacation
12. Make music
13. Trust your intuition
14. Financial flow

He's currently in a place where he can or is expecting positive things to come about. The foundation of the reading is higher consciousness. He has difficulty with beauty, possibly seeing it within himself. His recent past has been reverting back to a childhood attitude or view, letting out the inner child. His near future indicates he'll be letting go of something soon to move on, possibly that inner child aspect for the moment. Others see him as being true to his emotions. His environment is currently balanced in respect to harmony among his peers. I'm a little confused about 'following your dreams' in the place of friends and family - could be that they are encouraging him to do so? It does lead to the hopes/fears of that dream coming true. Overall, it looks like he may be getting a romantic partner :) Or perhaps a chance with someone.
Bryan is taking a break from material concerns, and his thoughts are pleasant thoughts, focusing on pleasure. He needs to trust his intuition on things concerning action or passion. The financial flow in the position of water throws me, though.

Variation of Celtic Cross - Healing with Fairies

Standard cross with the corners as elements, starting with the top left as earth, air, fire, water (clockwise). Thanks Fenris :)

1. Present/Where you are
2. Crossing or difficulty
3. Foundation of reading
4. Recent past
5. How others percieve you
6. Near future
7. Environment
8. Friends/family
9. Hope/fear
10. Outcome
11. Earth element
12. Air element
13. Fire element
14. Water element

1. Detoxification
2. Magic of nature
3. Romantic partner
4. Inner power
5. Visualization
6. Laughter
7. Look inside yourself
8. Vacation
9. Rise above problems
10. Positive expectations
11. Parenting and children
12. Follow your dreams
13. Family harmony
14. Creative expression

Well, I'm presently in a place where I need to detoxify myself, or destress. The base of the reading is a romantic partner, and the difficulty seems to be just enjoying the magic of it. Recently, I've had to rely on inner strength, but soon I'll be in a place of enjoyment and laughter. Others seem to see me as a dreamer. My environment needs to be looked at in relation to me. My friends all seem to be on vacation, not on the forefront. My fear and hope is to rise above all the problems, the fear being the change that will bring about. Overall, it looks like I can expect things to get better or become more positive. The elements have me grounded in family for material things (oddly, we've been considering things to do with his daughter..at least I have). Air is encouraging me to follow through on my thoughts and half plans for the future. My passion is family harmony (dad will be up this weekend, and with the car, there's been a distinct lack of harmony). My emotions need to be expressed in a creative manner.